Avoid the stress of Data Recovery and Prevent Data Loss Effectively

With more and more people relying on computers, the amount of data corruption has also increased. Just few days back when I was trying to retrieve some files, I discovered they have been corrupted and removed from the computer. Very soon, I realized that my computer has virus and has already damaged too many files that were excessively important. Hence, I tried to look for various data corruption prevention techniques and succeeded to a lot.

One of the best advices you must follow is to create timely backup. You never know what might happen and you end up losing all data. One should create as many backups as possible and secure the data. Remember to use an external hard drive when backing up the data and never use the same location as your original documents. Most of the times, user saves backup at the same place as original data that leads to further confusion.

Install good antivirus software on your computer that prevents it from getting corrupt and losing data. Beware of email attachments as well, as they may contain virus to corrupt entire system. Make sure the antivirus software is always updated and you protect your files from being damaged. Always scan the email files before opening them.

Store the backup in a different way. If you can manage to store the data online or in external servers then you must proceed towards that. This should prevent the data loss from natural calamities. This can be safer and cost effective.

Additionally, even before creating backup, keep saving the files regularly. One of the most common data loss trouble is when user is creating a document and computer shuts down due to umpteen numbers of reasons. This leads to data loss and in worst-case scenarios lead to data corruption that is hard to repair. Keep saving the document when writing as well. This prevents any sudden crash trouble! Moreover, keep testing the backups. Keep checking if you have stored crucial information at place.

Last, never store the files in the same drive as your Operating system. Suppose, Windows system crashes, it will lead to important file deletion as well. However, even if you keep checking files, create backup and manage everything, the files may be deleted leading to data loss on Windows System. Try the third party Windows Data Recovery Software that easily repairs corrupt and damaged files with ease and accuracy. The software performs complete recovery of hard drive and recovers data from within. It also supports IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA, USB and Pen drives. The software does not fail to recover deleted files from a formatted disk as well. Available in free trial version as well, this tool is the best possible solution to all data loss woes!


Various ways severely damage data files in Windows Operating system. In order to recover damaged files try using the Windows Data Recovery Software that is easy to use, interactive and perfect tool for recovery.