NTFS Recovery Tool

NTFS Recovery Tools recover deleted files and undelete folders from NTFS partitions

NTFS Recovery Tool Software

Computer users are very much familiar with the fact that Windows operating system comprises of file systems - FAT and NTFS. There could be deletion of files, accidental windows formatting, and missing partitions. All these reasons lead to inaccessibility of data files and folders. Recovery of inaccessible data is now possible with NTFS recovery tool that has been specially designed to tackle problems related to Windows NTFS partitions data loss situations.

NTFS recovery tool recovers deleted files from the corrupt, damaged, virus attacked, formatted-reformatted, missing NTFS partitions. NTFS recovery tool is prolific for home users, professionals, and administrators who have lost access to their data due to NTFS disk corruptions. NTFS recovery tool searches for the lost, missing, and deleted NTFS partitions from the disk. After that it performs a recursive scanning of NTFS partitions for locating the inaccessible data. The recovered files and folders get listed in tree like structure where users can view preview of the file contents and one can see that data integrity is maintained using NTFS recovery tool.

Equipped with two scanning options software is unique in its own way. Standard Scan is helpful when files are deleted sometime back whereas Advance Scan is a bit faster recovery method. NTFS recovery tool comes with demo version, which shows the recovered files and folders. On getting preview, purchase the Full version and save the recovered result.

To recover deleted files from the above mentioned data loss situations, data recovery software deeply scans the windows partitions with the helps of Standard and Advance Scan modes and then recovers data from the drives. Recovered deleted file and folders of the scanned partition are then displayed in a tree like structure. Software will list every file and folder which is found during the scan process. Analyze them for their accuracy and copy them at the disk location of your choice.

Key Features: NTFS Recovery Tool

  • Recovery of missing files and folders
  • Recovers even after accidental formatting of hard disk
  • Recovers deleted and damaged partitions
  • Recovers files getting corrupt due to windows registry corruption, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown
  • Live Update feature to have the latest version available
  • Supports all Windows versions having NTFS file system (NTFS, NTFS5)
  • Full support for IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA, PAN, ZIP and USB drives
  • FREE demo version for analyzing NTFS recovery tool for its recovering capability


NTFS Recovery Tool